Pancho&Lefty’s is the brainchild of Russ and Nadine Brown.  Both lovers of restaurants and especially funky joints with character and good food.  Their intention was to create a friendly place that served a cross section of American foods prepared with attention to detail.  Russ, a lifetime cook and private chef specialized in grilled, smoked meats and Nadine with a customer service background and a professional nanny, felt they had a winning combination.

After living in far flung places such as Germany, Atlanta and Savannah Georgia and Brentwood California they returned to Russ’ home state of Wisconsin selecting Monroe because of its excellent quality of life, beautiful countryside and picturesque historic square.  The restaurant is located in a one hundred year old building that was not a restaurant.  Living in the upstairs apartment they built out what is today Pancho&Lefty’s and opened in 2009.